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i haven't dreamed of flying in a while. [entries|friends|calendar]
well well well my michelle

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they never got us anywhere [[Aug 26 2012 // 1:37]]
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yup. friends only! from now on. for at least a while.
i may go public again but we'll see.
i decided i don't want random people reading anymore.
if you're an lj-less friend get an account!
then tell me and i'll add you :)

so if you have a minute why don't we go
talk about it somewhere only we know

come pick me up [[Mar 29 2011 // 2:10]]
i just friends-locked all my entries. i've been reading bits and pieces of my old entries tonight, and it amazes me how different things were. and how some things never change. the stuff that really hits me hardest are the people. it is true what the fray said, that so few come and don't go. will you won't you be the one i'll always know? some that i thought i'd be BFFs with for life i am no longer in contact with. some have disappointed me. others have simply drifted away. and that is okay. the ones that i think about most are those who have not yet gone, but are slipping. it's always painful to think about a time when we were once inseparable. about all the declarations of love and affection. and i know these things happen.. but as i've said before, i am used to losing things but people are the things i hate losing the most. having said that.. i am too tired to carry on with one-sided affairs. so i guess we're slow dancing in a burning room.

strange to think of a time when i agonized over bio all week long, when i wasn't interested in givenchy or chanel (i know, shocking), when wearing slippers to school complete with fake plaster was a cheap thrill, when going to dempsey was still exciting... when there was no facebook.

the older i get the less i know. and i am old... turning 22 in less than 2 weeks is sobering. but i'll see you kiddos on the other side.
only 2 wild and wavering

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